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SELA Rising

Fighting for education justice for latino students in Southeast Los Angeles


Southeast Los Angeles (SELA) is a resilient and rapidly growing region made up of several cities and neighborhoods. More than 60,000 students attend the 89 public schools in SELA, the majority of whom are low-income and Latino.

An Advocate’s Guide to Transforming Special Education

Creating Schools Where All Students Can Thrive

August 2018

Most students – both with and without disabilities – can learn rigorous, grade-level content and graduate from high school ready for college or a career of their choice. We prepared this guide to help parents and advocates understand what educational opportunity looks like for students with disabilities. The guide is meant to assist those fighting for systemic change by providing concrete examples, interviews and school profiles that show what’s possible.

2017 Top Bay Area Public Schools for Underserved Students

Bay Area public schools that are achieving excellent results for low-income Latino and low-income African American students.

April 2018

Our annual report examines 2016-17 results in both English and math to identify schools where students from these groups have higher proficiency rates than all students combined in the state. These schools are making significant strides toward closing achievement gaps. Few Bay Area schools have achieved this.

A Dream Deferred

How San Francisco schools leave behind the most vulnerable students

October 2017

Among similar districts across California, San Francisco currently ranks near the bottom in learning outcomes for low-income African American students and low-income Latino students. San Francisco’s educational challenges take the form of three contradictions. This report explores these dynamics and highlights a way forward.

UPDATED: San Jose Unified Snapshot: Students with Disabilities

An overview of how SJUSD is doing in serving students with disabilities

December 2017

Students with disabilities in all public schools should receive the academic and social-emotional support they need to be prepared for meaningful opportunities in career, college, and life. Right now, the reality is that this is not happening in most places in California.

Top Bay Area Public Schools for Underserved Students

Scores are up overall, but they aren’t rising fast enough for underserved students.

November 2016

For the second year in a row, the Bay Area is doing worse than the rest of state
in educating low-income Latino and African American students. Here’s a look at the dozens of local schools proving it doesn’t have to be that way.

How World-class Schools Deliver for All Students

Six practices that drive high-performing schools to success

December 2015

World-class schools are vibrant and inspiring places that set a high bar for all students, and consistently support each and every one to reach his or her full potential. While no two schools are alike, this report outlines six school practices that drive their success that you can put to work right now in your own school community.

Top Bay Area Public Schools for Underserved Students

54 Bay Area public schools that achieved strong results for underserved students

November 2015

The new 2014-2015 state test results show a big gap in student achievement, specifically with low-income African American and Latino students performing far worse than other students. The problem is even more serious in the Bay Area, where local schools tend to trail the state average in test scores for these student groups. This report highlights 54 Bay Area public schools that achieved strong results for underserved students, showing what students can achieve and pointing the way toward how all schools can better support underserved students.

Struggling Schools, Promising Solutions

Silicon Valley’s Lowest-Performing Schools and Solutions for the Students That Attend Them

November 2014

More than 15,000 students in Silicon Valley are currently attending schools that have been persistently low-performing for years. “Struggling Schools, Promising Solutions” calls on local communities, especially superintendents and school boards, to take swift action to find lasting solutions for the students attending the 28 schools singled out in the report. It summarizes research from across the country on how to effectively turn around struggling schools and highlights examples of successful schools and turnaround efforts that can inform and inspire efforts in Silicon Valley.

Broken Promises

The Children Left Behind in Silicon Valley Schools

January 2014

Innovate Public Schools first research report, released in 2013 with an updated edition in 2014, is the first comprehensive look at the performance of public schools and districts in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, with special attention on the achievement of underserved groups of students. The report found low percentages of college readiness for Latino, African-American, and Pacific Islander students, as well as low-income students and English learners, across the entire region.