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A Dream Deferred:

How San Francisco schools leave behind the most vulnerable students

Juana Laura Chavero

As a new immigrant to the U.S., Juana Laura Chavero quickly learned that she would have to fight hard for her children to get the education they needed. The barriers weren’t just resources or opportunities, but low expectations.

Norma and Faustino Valenzuela

Norma and Faustino Valenzuela’s three children all attended SFUSD schools, but when their son fell two years behind, they switched schools.

Pastor Mervin Redmond

According to a recent article in the New York Times, one out of every seven San Francisco residents was Black in 1970. Today, that has dropped to nearly one out of 20.39

Lewis Stringer

In San Francisco, around 25% of all school-age children are enrolled in private schools, much higher than the California average of 9%.26 One family’s experience sheds light on some of the factors that can lead families to make that decision.

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