How World-class Schools Deliver for All Students


World-class schools are vibrant and inspiring places that set a high bar for all students, and consistently support each and every one to reach his or her full potential. While no two schools are alike, this report outlines six school practices that drive their success that you can put to work right now in your own school community.

About Innovate Public Schools

Innovate Public Schools is a nonprofit organization focused on ensuring that all Bay Area students, including low-income students and students of color, receive an excellent education. We’re building a movement of families, educators, and business and elected leaders who together will make this vision a reality. We build the capacity of parents and educators to innovate and act together to create world-class public schools, and we publish easy-to-understand school quality data and research that highlights both problems and solutions.

This report draws on our team’s decades of experience in high-performing schools. Through our Start-up Schools Fellowship, which is grounded in the practices highlighted in this report, we support educators from school districts and charter schools to launch new schools and turn around low-performing schools. Innovate Public Schools publishes easy-to-understand school quality data and research to highlight both problems and solutions. We also provide training and support for parents in high-need communities so they can effectively advocate for better schools. Learn more about Innovate Public Schools.

What it looks like in action

Sci Academy: A Mission That Matters

It’s not having good mission, but being driven by one that makes the difference, says the school’s founder.

Rocketship Mosaic Elementary School

Parents aren’t only co-educators, but also leaders at this San Jose elementary.

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