April 2017

Bay Area Student Spotlights

See how low-income and underserved students
are performing across select Bay Area school districts.

San Francisco Unified School District Student Spotlights

San Jose Unified School District Student Spotlights

Redwood City School District Student Spotlights

Sequoia Union School District Student Spotlights

Ravenswood School District Student Spotlights

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About Innovate Public Schools

Innovate Public Schools is a nonprofit organization working to make sure that all students in the Bay Area — especially low-income students and students of color — receive a world-class public education that prepares them for success in college, careers and beyond. We’re building a movement of families, educators, and business and elected leaders who together will make this vision a reality. We build the capacity of parents and educators to innovate and act together to create world-class public schools, and we publish easy-to-understand school quality data and research that highlights both problems and solutions.

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